Welcome to the new home of the Second Breakfast Club Podcast, where three long-time friends and even longer-time nerds discuss, debate, defend and denounce everything sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and horror related; over donuts and the occasional dust-up.

Join Captain Dave, Doctor Dan, and Evil Lord Ken for a verbal dissertation and possibly a Death Match on the Second Breakfast Club Podcast.

Episode 16: Doctor Who

A 2000 year old Time Lord.  The oncoming storm. A mad man with a box.   This week join Doctor Dan, Evil Lord Ken, and Chief Engineer Tom in the TARDIS as they try to break down 54 years worth of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey storytelling and explain it to Captain Dave, who has only watched 1 episode and doesn’t “get it”.  Who is the best Doctor?  What was the best episode?  And will a new showrunner and a female Doctor ultimately be good or bad for the series?

Episode 15: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review & Comic-Con Wrap-up

Spider-Man, Spider-Man.  Everybody loves Spider-Man.  Well, almost everyone.  Listen as Captain Dave, Doctor Dan, and Evil Lord Ken break down what they liked and what they didn’t about Marvel’s latest outing.  And with SDCC in the rear view mirror, the guys discuss what newly released trailers have them excited for the fall.